Dying Achilles Statue in Achilleion Palace

Statue of Dying Achilles in Achilleion Palace in Corfu

The Dying Achilles in Achilleion Palace is a poignant marble masterpiece crafted by the skilled hand of acclaimed German artist, Ernst Herter. This exquisite work of art captures the tragic final moments of the legendary Greek hero, Achilles. The sculpture illustrates Achilles at the brink of death, having been fatally wounded by Paris, the Prince […]

Unlocking the Majestic Beauty of Achillion Palace, Corfu

When you think of Greece, your mind might instantly travel to the iconic Parthenon in Athens, the stunning sunsets of Santorini, or the azure waters of Mykonos. However, tucked away on the beautiful island of Corfu is a hidden gem that deserves just as much attention and adoration: The Achillion Palace. This blog aims to […]

The History of Achilleion Palace in Corfu

Discover the rich history of Achilleion Palace, a true gem of Corfu. Explore its storied past, from its creation by Empress Elisabeth of Austria, through its use in both world wars, to its current status as a museum. This architectural masterpiece tells a tale of timeless elegance, royal desires, and cultural transformations. Introduction Corfu has […]

The Throne Room

The Throne Room is the most aesthetically pleasing and magnificently adorned room within the Achilleion Palace. The opulence of the room is highlighted by a grand throne, crafted meticulously from gold and ivory. The detailed workmanship on the throne exudes regality and is a testament to the remarkable skills of the artisans of the era. […]

The Highlight Exhibits of Achilleion Palace in Corfu

The imperial staircase, one of the highlights of the Achilleion Palace

The Achilleion Palace includes many highlight exhibits, each with its unique features some of which are Dying Achilles, Peristyle of the Muses, Achilleion Museum, The Achilleion Museum and Gardens of the Achilleion. Dying Achilles The Dying Achilles is an emblematic marble statue nestled in the verdant gardens of Achilleion Palace. Crafted by Ernst Herter, a […]

Peristyle of the Muses in Achilleion Palace

A perspective of Peristyle of the Muses at the entrance of Achilleion Palace

The Peristyle of the Muses is a captivating feature of Achilleion Palace, accentuating its inherent charm with its distinctive architectural elements. This peristyle, a series of columns that encircle a space within a building, is notably adorned with statues of the nine Muses of Greek mythology. Each statue represents one Muse, all of whom were […]

Achilles Triumphant in Achilleion Palace

The statue of Achilles Triumphant in Achilleion Palace

The palace gardens of Achilleion Palace proudly host the impressive “Achilles Triumphant”. This monumental marble statue, crafted by the renowned artist Ferdinand von Miller, depicts the legendary Greek hero Achilles in all his glory. The sculpture captures Achilles’ strength, bravery, and valour, serving as a notable tribute to this iconic figure in Greek mythology. The […]

Gardens of the Achilleion

Gardens of the Achilleion trees of garden

The gardens of the Achilleion Palace are a spectacle of magnificence, matching the grandeur of the palace itself. An array of sculptures, fountains, and architectural features inspired by Greek mythology embellish the verdant surroundings, creating a picturesque tableau. Each corner is steeped in mythology, with sculptures such as the Dying Achilles or the statue of […]

The Triumph of Achilles: The masterpiece painting of Achilles in the Achilleion Palace

The Triumph of Achilles: Achilles dragging the dead body of Hector in front of the gates of Troy

Explore the magnificence of the masterpiece painting, The Triumph of Achilles, housed in the spectacular Achilleion Palace in Corfu. Discover the vivid details, rich symbolism, and the captivating story of Achilles depicted in this extraordinary work of art. A must-read for art and history enthusiasts. Corfu’s Achilleion Palace is a sight to behold for anyone […]